Our story today comes from Rose Hamid.   Many of us in Charlotte know her for her community work, interfaith work, and her activism.  In January, she received national and international attention when her peaceful, graceful, silent protest interrupted Donald Trump’s rally and was escorted out.  The message she had on her shirt said “Salam, I come in peace.”

She has written op-eds and guest columns in the Charlotte Observer about Islam and being Muslim.  She has recently had a piece in the Huffington Post, an open letter to Reverend Franklin Graham, to have a conversation about Islam, to help dispel the misconceptions he has.

Her story today is about her journey to the Republican and Democratic National Convention, promoting her project, Salam, I Come in Peace, with the purpose create opportunities for interactions to help ease some fears about Muslims and Islam.

Our story today comes from Faisal Qazi.  He lives in southern California.  By day he is a Neurologist, and fills in his spare time providing free health care and job training to people in need as well as focusing on community development, through his non-profit organization MiNDs, which is short for Medical network devoted to service.

In his story, he talks about the shooting in San Bernardino, CA that occurred in December 2nd of last year, how he reacted to it, and what he and a few community members did to help the victims and the families of the horrific shooting.

Duston Barto, editor of Muslim American Magazine, co-founder of the Foothills Interfaith Assembly, and a resident of Lincoln County, NC  stepped up to defend religious liberties for everyone after the county Chairman expressed unprovoked hate against Muslims.  Here is his account.